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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Think Out Loud: Can bangsamoro be the next Crimea?

The Bangsamoro and most especially the SOVEREIGN TAUSUG OF SULU will be whatever it wants to be once THEY KNOW and UNDERSTAND who they are. Allaahu musta’aan. Our strength is ALLAH alone.

The similarities cannot be denied.
Still, the historical CONTEXT that binds Russia-Crimea  is entirely off-tangent with the ties that bind Bangsamoro-Malaysia.

Yes, Bangsamoro and Malaysians are intrinsically allies whose kinship ties are FORGED by ISLAM.

However, in my opinion it is the BLACK GOLD that remains a barrier to a resolution to the Sabah Claim of Sulu; it shall also be the eternal  JOKER meaning to say a clause or phrase surreptitiously slipped into a legislative bill or legal contract with the purpose of compromising its effect or making it unworkable.

I rephrased what you wrote, with all due respect and I beg your indulgence,

"We were indeed natural allies … BUT Malaysia had NOT SUBSTANTIALLY helped us much in our struggle AS MUCH AS WE HAVE SELFLESSLY HELPED MALAYSIA by TOLERATING its EXPLOITATION of NORTH BORNEO/SABAH despite and inspite of the Sabah lease.

We (MALAYSIA AND BANGSAMORO) were as such until the INTERMITTENT SABAH CLAIM STARTED THEN subsequently TARNISHED BY THE FOILED AND EXPOSED OPERATION MERDEKA; OLD WOUNDS-RUBBED-BY-SALT when Abu Sayyaf raided the Sipadan Island,and OLD GHOSTS RESURRECTED when the Sulu Sultan troops BRAZENLY attacked ( ATTACKED?!? bukun ka, Brazen EXcursion sadja yadtu? NgWL )  Sabah."

Your thoughts albeit worthwhile I agree, "Malaysia sending troops to occupy Bangsamoro" sort of brings an anxious frown upon my brows ^_^

I'd rather indulge in FULL ENABLING LIBERTY to fantasize about the  mujahireen settling in an UMMUL QURA, in a blessed and equally blissful Muslim hamlets or Muslim metropolis burgeoning in North Borneo. ^_^

Or, on Malaysia generously giving potential Bangsamoro free ISLAMIC scholarships; or just lighting up the whole of our 19 municipalities and providing it with water for ALLAH’s sake instead of  Malaysia having the temerity to exploit Sabah for its national gain and the effrontery to abscond  liability by  repudiating our ownership over Sabah. Why not include establishing state of the art UMMAH Hospital and Islamic University at the heart of Sulu? in shaa ALLAH  ameen Ya Rabb! NgWL! Equally outrageous I must admit!

If Malaysia were to annex us … the oil from our seas will be annexed to Malaysia and will only augment to enrich Malaysia and its Petronas. Unless by silaaturrahim, Malaysia regards us as its OWN and not merely an annex of convenience.

I will neither resonate the question nor will I answer: “Bangsamoro, between Philippines and Malaysia, what would you choose?”
But let me ask: “Malaysia, between giving justice for ALLAH’s sake over Sabah claim to Sulu and denying justice over its rightful ownership, what would you choose?”

To my fellow Tausugs of Sulu, I ask you: “Raayat Tausug Luggiyah Tagdapu*  of Sabah, between Philippines as successor state of Sulu Sultanate and being Sovereign Tausug of Sulu, what would you choose?”

Wallaahu ah'lam  bfwjk!- for stoking the embers of my dormant dreams for Sulu lillaahi ta'alaa :)  (Y)

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