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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

An Opportune Time To Resolve Sabah Claim Albeit Our President Has Forsaken Us

This is "my personal stand" Lyndee.

From my point of view, the Raayat's indignant reaction is provoked (roiled pell mell indeed by PNoy) by the stimulus of how The President of the Philippines ordered and threatened the (Crown Prince) Raja Muda Agbimuddin and his Royal Forces.

The disrespect and rudeness made by the President to the Sultanate of Sulu heirs is actually an affront to the dignity of the Sulu People and their ancestors; it resurrected to life hallowed memories of the past of how the Tausugs have died and been martyred in defense of Islam and Nation: Bud Dajo, Jabidah Massacre, 1974, Defending the Revolt in aid of the Sultan of Brunei and North Borneo in 1704 and the injustice of the Sabah Lease.

This stimulus evoked a havoc of emotions stirring and stoking afire the righteousness and glory to fight back in defense of one's lost honor. That through out these years that the "majority (Raayat) of the minority" Muslims have suffered and tolerated systemic corruption and oppression--- condescended and trusted to be ruled by non-Muslims under the Republic (by chosing to forbear in the name of as-Salaam)--- but these were the very same people who betrayed their sense of kinship by making them feel that they do not belong and have never belonged in the sense that they are not regarded as "karugtong ng pambansang dangal" in terms of National Security and Integrity; That Their President would rather incite the citizenry in defense of Spratlys than it would even bother to protect and defend the symbolical vestiges of the Sulu Sultanate of Sulu.

Not only the Tausugs but even Muslims of other tribes and nations including surprisingly non-Muslim Filipinos- are emotionally stirred up by the open insult---it was not really the words that PNoy spoke nor the demeanor he projected but the chilling effect of a realization: it is so easy for the President to abandon our people. Our President who avowed he was our boss has forsaken us.

And so the Raayat were reminded cruelly of the oppressive past and how their ancestors have valiantly strove to thrive amidst waves of colonial conquests, and each reminder throughout history spoke of death and countless deaths, and with each dying memory they agonized, bled, and died with them. The traumatic experience of remembering is spiralling towards the need to fight back in order to survive the pain---and if death comes at least this will end the pain---and at least they have died fighting and were not just slaughtered like helpless animals in the abbatoir.

THUS, I reiterate my personal stand, Lyndee. "Hasbunallaahu wa ni'mal wakeel...these sudden series of historical upheaval are amazing. None from amongst us wanted this :) meantime we dua'a and forbear insha'ALLAH. Maraming mga isyu at katanungan ang nabuksan, maaring masama sa unang tingin pero sadyang may kakambal na katotohanan na siyang nagbalot ng liwanag sa kasaysayan ng Sultanato ng Sulu at ng North Borneo.

If in exposing historical truth, consequentially would ultimately bring benefit to the progeny of the Muslim Filipinos to enjoin good and forbid evil...and to finally end the centuries-old perpetuation of injustice and historical and economic genocide upon the Bangsamoro, then the Raja Muda Agbimuddin and his men would never have to die in vain after all...

Inna Lillaahi wa inna ilayhi raji'un...Allah indeed is our Sole Protector, The Best To Protect and the Best To Help... this sufficeth more than upgrading one's capability in terms of billions can...

"Yet as we confront this possibility, I affirm that it is totally unacceptable to allow any “collateral damage” who would be our innocent brothers and sisters suffering long and oftentimes in silence, whenever we’ve allowed the offensive guns to speak loudest." Thus, my only recourse is to hit my keyboards in order to create a resounding statement that will reverberate within the hearts of all principal parties to this conflict most especially to those who are inclined to wield power using the lethal language of their guns to silence justice. Wallaahu ahlam