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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Malaysia Rejects Truce for as long as it Takes! Hell Hath No Fury than A PM Scorned!

THEN, Sultan heeds UNSECGEN by declaring unilateral ceasefire;
SUDDENLY, other royal (take note: with  an R bukun L) claimants come into the picture pronouncing DENOUNCEMENT;

Mayta na yan?
Wah pa sin wa?
Gampa san isab in Nakura U.N. way nag-denounce;

Hilayu na ba isab baha in Sabah claimants/legal heirs sin agun na napusu' nila?
MABAYA sila ma-ig in credibility sin Sultan and the Sabah claim?
Pagpanayaman na isab sila/papagtakbi'un sin parinta baning iban tapis-tadjung?
na bat malugay saun magpayt sibu' sibu' in isug
Misan mangiyab na sadja in Tapis-Tadjung, matug na'a magrelaks tumagad na isab 107 tahun magbalik
ampa na isab hatiku awun makagaus magmahi sin kapatut artah?

Na tanam na kamu, manginduwa'a na sadja kami ini di magpu'at
ah yaun na pyahugut hi Tapis-tadjung in panapis nya...

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Sultan declares ceasefire as UN Sec-Gen urges end to violence; Malaysia rejects truce offer
By Carolyn O. Arguillas on March 7 2013 5:44 pm

DAVAO CITY (MindaNews/07 March) – Sultan Jamalul Kiram III  declared Thursday noon a unilateral ceasefire in Sabah, Malaysia in a bid to prevent further loss of  lives but Malaysia  rejected the truce offer and called on Kiram’s followers to surrender unconditionally.