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Thursday, August 9, 2012

IMAN President Exhorts Pilar College President To Resign

Via a blog comment, Dr Sherjan Kalim, President of IMAN (Islamic Medical Association of the Philippines, Inc.), exhorted Pilar College President Sr Maria Nina Balbas to resign and to go on a retreat. 
Dr Kalim is calling out for Balbas' resignation as President of Pilar College in order to remove any bias or influence on the outputs of the consultative meetings which will be recommending resolution to the issue regarding Hijab Ban Policy. IMAN President is imploring her to resign now out of delicadeza.

Dr Kalim's exhortation is resonated by Warina Sushil A. Jukuy, PAHRA Paralegal Worker Coordinator for WesMin,and SECGEN of HAN (Hijaab and Niqaab Advocacy Network). Dr Kalim is as one among the 10 Board of Trustees of HAN. Jukuy maintains the Jihadul aKbar blog as her peaceful jihad against the SELF.

Call for the resignation of Pilar College President Ma. Nina Balbas. This is to remove any bias or influence the outputs of the consultative meetings which will be recommending resolution of this issue. Out of delicadeza, please, Sr. Ma. Nina Balbas, RESIGN NOW as President of Pilar College. Go on a retreat please.

  1. It is disheartening that Sr. Ma. Nina Balbas,President of Pilar College, did not restrain herself.

    Her brashness has dragged the RVM and its institution into this faux pas.

    Sr Balbas singles out Muslim students just because they are garbed in "chastity veils" similarly to Virgin Mary, Mother Theresa, and Mother Ignacia, and for the same reason bans them admission in Pilar learning institution.

    Why would a nun like her do "that"? Her alibi in the letter was "we cannot deviate from our Roman Catholic origin." She even equated academic freedom with Pilar's right whom to teach. Is this her personal belief or the RVM's,too?

    Yes, Doc Sherj. She must resign as President of Pilar College and go on a retreat please. She must extricate RVM and Pilar College from teaching bigotry in practice and not merely in theory.

    Salamun alaykum, Doc Sherj.

    Yes, I resonate your relevant demand for a TIME FRAME which did not manifest on the JOINT PRESS RELEASE .

    Two points were requested and appealed by RVM Superior General Rep Sr. Maria Fe Gedorias:

    xxxx "... 1. requested enough time to REVISIT their policies as it require the proper process and consultation with all stakeholders;
    2. appealed that a MORATORIUM in releasing info re issue to the media be observed..."xxxx

    Alhamdulillaah for NCMF R9a proactive stance, and NCMF did ask for a time frame

    xxxx"...NCMF R-9 a Acting Regl Dir. Denisson M. Abidin had readily agreed with Sr Gedorias' request and asked for a 'time frame' by which
    the institution 'can dialogue and consult'
    all the school's stakeholders namely:
    the students, teachers, staffs, parents,
    alumni,all RVM Administrators in the country
    and their higher superiors."xxxx

    Likewise, a "FUTURE dialogue was agreed upon by both parties to present the result of the dialogues conducted by Pilar College."

    but there was no definite time frame expressed albeit merely implied by Pilar College.

    FUTURE as well as TIME FRAME in the context of time is too indeterminate and vague...
    naturally, reader will think..."Is the RVM stalling for time to protect its interest and to extinguish the fiery uproar or is the RVM really eyeing a "multi-stakeholders consultative process" in "good faith"?

    Couldn't blame us to think that way especially so that in the first place Pilar College President Sr Maria Nina Balbas did not prudently bother to hold a "multi-stakeholders consultative process" when it issued an official declaration that

    xxxx"...the school’s rules and regulation prohibits female Muslim students from wearing “hijab” or veil inside the learning institution in a letter addressed to Mayor Celso Lobregat dated July 09, 2012..."xxxx

    Certainly, this doesn't call for a plebiscite or referendum, doest it? ;) *rolls eyes 360 degrees* so to speak, not in a fit of nystagmus, Doc Sherj :D

    THE ISSUE is NOT about "sticking to your guns" BUT prudence to "discard your guns".
    There is DIGNITY when one has the humility to retract a statement in order to correct an injustice as a result of a grievous wrong unintentionally done to the vulnerable.
    After all, no person shall be deprived of life, liberty and property without due process of law.

    This violation of religious freedom affecting and delimiting Muslims free access to education has become a Human Security as much as a Peace issue.

    Where there is repression and injustice, there is spiral of violence.