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Saturday, August 4, 2012

SSS in ISLAM: Social Security Sadaqah

Warina Sushil Jukuy11:09 AMEdit

SUBHANALLAAH! Social security is built-in in ISLAM as a comprehensive way of life- minus the bureaucratic trappings.

How much moolah does it take to produce ONE BEAUTIFUL ID and more? Perhaps, convert it to cash, total would be a significant amount of MONEY that can be given for sadaqah.... the humanitarian distance that such money can travel is...masha'ALLAH!


ALLAH is perfect in Wisdom! No wonder ALLAH did not institutionalize sadaqah and zakat.... it is simplified for expediency reasons...no office to maintain, no payroll, no office supplies, no water n light bill....no and many more :D

Alhamdulillaahil ladhee binihmatihi tatimmus saalihaat

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Aug 3, 2012  -   -  Limited
This should replace the cedula and postal id...
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In 1993, household helpers earning at least 1000ph a month were included in the compulsory coverag
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