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Monday, August 13, 2012

RVM-PILAR COLLEGE Needs To Consult Own Conscience, NOT Multi-Stakeholders Re HIJAB Ban Policy

RVM-PILAR COLLEGE Needs Consultation of Own Conscience and 
NOT Multi-Stakeholders' Consultation Re HIJAB Ban Policy

Defense of HIJAB is Defense of Our Progeny

Defense of  H I J A B  
Defense of Our Progeny...
Bang di hikapagmahi in hinang marayaw byah na kaagi sin hijab, hsyu pa in panu’bu’an sin manga susungun bar’iman sin lyuran ma’sa natu’?

If we cannot defend the right to do good deeds such as the right to wear hijab, who then will be left among our pious Muslimah to procreate the progeny of successors from these endangered species of faithful generation?

Maa laa yutimmu al-wajibu illa bihi fa huwa wajib. That without which an obligation cannot be fulfilled is itself obligatory.
"...While SOME of our elders and parents have the leisure to vacillate amidst the furor wrought by the Violation Against the Right to Freedom of Worship...let me pose these questions:"

I. Multiple Choice: Encircle the letter only of the correct answer.  
QUESTIONS: Why is there a need to point where the elephant is? When it is wrongfully right on top of their nose? What is there to consult by RVM Sisters of PILAR College?

1. RVM-Pilar College needs to consult....
A. its own untenable position of issuing a Hijab Ban Against Muslim Students
B. NCMF's  tenable position which is elucidated by the ff reasons:
1. It is fully supported by law and State policy;
2. It does not derogate on Pilar College's right to academic freedom;
3. The wearing of the hijab is not injurious to Pilar College and its students, faculty and staff; nor does it impede the teaching and learning functions in the school;
4. The wearing of hijaab is a sign of morality and modesty which Pilar College subscribes to because even nuns wear veils on campus. http://www.facebook.com/#!/notes/mehol-k-sadain/message-for-the-dialogue-on-the-hijab-ban/10151064464616166
Obviously, based on the aforegoing arguments which are supported by solid legal bases, the request for multi-stakeholders' consultation made by RVM-Pilar representative is a sham and a mockery of  respecting and fulfilling the religious rights of Muslims. Understandably, the word appeal for moratorium perturbs concerned Muslims.  Al Madzhar J. Ahmadul, Executive Director of Al Furqan Islamic Cultural Center (AICC) and founding member of the Hijaab-Niqaab Advocacy Network, anxiously commented:
"Moratorium sounds ominously between mortuary and crematorium. I hope this issue will not just die and be 'cremated' to ashes. We have a long experience of dragging dialogues and talks in this country."
Indeed, it must be realized that there is no need to "stall for time" in order to save face; what must be saved is the dignity of veiled Muslim students.

Another incident of disallowing the veil jogged my memory. This is a case in ADEZU (Ateneo de Zamboanga University); where in my MAEdAdm class, I was informed by my Professor that ADEZU would have allowed "long sleeved" blouse and long skirt for ALL (whether hijaabi or not) Muslim female ;) students; had not Muslim female students who are non-hijaabi opposed the such proposed uniform code. Thus, ADEZU allegedly said that the uniform must apply to each and every Muslim female students, if not, then it will not be imposed at all.
The above case cited actually violates (by compulsion) two concomitant rights: the right to wear the hijaab; and the right NOT to wear it. 

Infringement of the right to wear either hijaab or niqaab has become a "geographical issue" in Zamboanga City based upon the observation of Anna Leah Dilangalen Dipatuan of CHD-NCR. Violations have been committed by NBI, DFA in the case of phototaking procedures; by some hospitals, schools, and universities. 
Apart from the violations of Muslim women's freedom of religious worship is the greatly alarming "outright defiance" of some personnel from the very agency from which these legal issuances emanated. 

But then again, their temerity must be subjected to the "insubordination test." These provocative questions rankle: Were these people not duly informed of said memoranda and legal issuances? Do they defy the same because these pose immediate and grave danger on their personae? What must be done to rectify their injurious behavior to the inalienable rights of their fellow Filipinos who just happened to be Muslims?
Ironically, while DOH protects and safeguards Muslim ladies' right to don the hijab, it seems that some ZC Hospitals/CIs have the temerity to flagrantly defy MEMO DOH MEMO No. 2009-0107 issued by DOH Secretary Francisco Duque III, MD MSc. (Re:Strengthening the Protection of Religious Rights of Muslim workers, including but not limited to students and trainees in health facilities).

As a matter of fact, the aforementioned MEMO was duly reiterated by DOH MEMO No. 2011-0232dated 16 August 2011 Re: Reiterating Compliance to DOH MEMO No. 2009-0107 by Nemesio T. Gako, MD, MPH, CESO II, Asst Secretary of Health, Internal Finance and Administration Technical Cluster— BUT STILL SOME ZC HOSPITALS AND CIS NEVER HEED IT.
"Heed" was the word used above but for indignant Dr Sherjan Kalim, IMAN-Pres, "it seems that these people do not know how to READ!"
The long-winded fight for hijaab and niqaab has been intermittent in the Universidad de Zamboanga (UZ), most especially heightening after the demise of the hijab-niqaab defender, former CEO-Pres. Ammar Eustaquio.
CHR-IX Regional Head Atty. Frederick Ian Capin, Legal Commentary Re Wearing of Niqab by Muslim Women in Schools, signed on 27 JULY 2012.
  There is NO need to consult whether or not religious freedom was violated by Pilar College because when it declared a "hijab ban policy" without justifiable grounds , the same is "tantamount to violation of  religious freedom."

Below is the full text of the message of NCMF CEO Mehol K. Sadain...
Tuesday, August 7, 2012
[I am happy that Pilar College has agreed to a dialogue which will take place this morning. In my absence, NCMF Zamboanga City Actg. Regional Director DENNISON ABIDIN will attend. I have asked him to deliver the message that follows. Let us all hope for the best.]

Secretary, National Commission on Muslim Filipinos
August 7, 2012...
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