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Thursday, August 9, 2012

TIME FRAME: The Missing Link Between NCMF- Pilar College' Dialogue

Time frame is essential but undetermined, it becomes a missing link between Pilar College -NCMF Joint Press Release.

Dr Sherjan Kalim, IMAN President urged HAN partners to demand that a time frame be posted as well. He believed that this is the only way that HRDs can monitor the progress of the dialogue.

He further commented that Pilar College is not just suppressing religious freedom with its anti-Hijab policy, but also suppressing freedom of information when it appealed for a moratorium in the release of information about this issue from the National Commission on Muslim Filipinos.
"They are abusing many basic human rights. We believe that the Commission on Human Rights should also be pro-active regarding these issues because Pilar College is adding more violations of human rights," declared Dr Kalim.

Warina Sushil A. Jukuy asserted that requesting for moratorium of media info release- albeit qualified with the word REQUEST-- is still a request to curtail right to information. "Sort of: May we please violate the public's right to information?" explained Jukuy.

According to this blogger, Sr Maria Nina Balbas dropped a bombshell when she wrote:

xxx“Our origin is Roman Catholic and we cannot deviate from that origin...the school freely adopts its own policies, standards,… regulations and sets forth its conditions for those wishing to join the community as students.
“This is part of academic freedom in connection with which the school has the right to choose whom to teach,” the letter emphasized.xxx

"The tone is unmistakably terse and unrelenting. Sobriety and humility are expunged in the process by susceptibility to arrogance and obstinacy, " she ended.